Hello dear friends,

after a two-year search we finally found an estate in which we want to live our utopia of a collective life. It's an old farmhouse with some stables on the outskirts of Hamburg. It is called Eschenhof (ash farmyard) and we bought it for 287.500?, yeah, that's a lot, but now we have enough space for living, working, organizing workshops and for function rooms. The Eschenhof will be a place for collective struggle, development and perspectives.

We are a group of about 20 individuals, who want to live and work together. Our aim of living together in a comprehensive sustainable way implies ecological and social as well as economical aspects. As no woMan is an island, we do not want to be an isolated project. It's not only about living an ecological lifestyle by collective organization, but being part of the struggle for global solidarity and justice. Accordingly you will find events like discussions, solidarity parties and workshops taking place at the Eschenhof. We want to interlace with other projects and activists, so if you are interested contact us.

To do so, we need a lot of help. If you'd like to support the Eschenof project you can do so in various ways. You can help us by donating useful stuff or give us a credit/loan or a helping hand.

For more information you can download this leaflet (sorry it's only german but contains nice images).


Eschenhof collective